Balancing Actuary

Balance between financial assets (amounts Premiums and profits earned on them) transparent pension, and total obligations, account risks such as life expectancy and risks other.


Avner - "Association of victims of car insurance" - is a private company owned by insurance companies in Israel which deals with mandatory car insurance. Avner was established in 75 to narrow the scope of the risk of ensuring the individual insurance industry by transferring some of the risk of a central body. Avner states with commissions on the insurance funds and the Ministry of Finance Committee rates the insurance duty rate uniform.

Loss of work capacity

Insurance which provides the monthly compensation that Agreed, if it caused the loss of work capacity due to an accident or illness in the country or abroad. Typically, height compensation amount to 75% of employee monthly rentals. Insurance is extra life insurance policy, and it does not valid in the event of unemployment. insurance includes certain restrictions, such as loss of work capacity caused by the use of drugs or Alcoholic Beverages.

Employees' Warranty

Even if you do the maximum to keep the peace workers, they still might get hurt during the work. The insurance protects the employer against possible claims of workers injured due to physical injury or death caused an accident, as well as in the case of illness while Hmtglh work dealt with the Hmboth.


Body of any obligation to pay compensation in the case of the individual damage, or loss of life and property, in exchange for suitable payment. Insurance in terms of the insurance company is taking risks, , they Barrie measurement, non-considered bet. Insurance does not cover, for example, risks reduce wastage. The insured gets the amount of insurance, clerical, and not the amount, if the insurance event occurred.

Liability Insurance Administrators

Director or any senior officer in an organization is exposed to risks of personal and professional by many factors, like corporate shareholders, suppliers and employees. The insurance protects the officers, if the act was done illegally get damage to a third party (an act illegally is a violation of duty, error, misstatement or misleading statement, forgetfulness, exceeded the authority, negligence or neglect made during the work).

Credit Insurance

Selling insurance against disability payment of his customers in Israel and abroad.

Health Insurance

Insurance that covers payment for medical care during illness, policies within the framework of various diseases such as insurance or hospitalization insurance, medical insurance dental, insurance and other travelers abroad. Medical insurance expenses returns paid to medical treatment, according to terms of policy (not the cashier or social security hospitals .) refund expenses including medical treatment principles, X-rays taken, medications, etc., when the total is limited, generally, most policies.

Pension insurance

Insurance program guaranteed monthly pension payment (pension) for all days of his life from the age-set.

Insurance Required

Road accidents occur all the time, and in most cases, regrettably, there are casualties. Insurance must cover damages that could be the body of the vehicle for passengers or pedestrians. Israeli law does not allow the car to go on the road without insurance mandatory. Insurance rates are set by the Ministry of Finance updated when needed.

Life Insurance

Dealing with the insurance or income to ensure payment or payee determined, at the end of insurance period, or when a death. Life insurance is a contract that requires the insurance company to pay a certain amount, at the end of the period or if the death occurred naturally or as a result of an accident during the period of insurance. Life insurance protects against risks of death, loss of work capacity. There are life insurance plans Insurance Risk only, those that include also an element of savings. For example: Policy giving a monthly pension or lump sum, based on the desire average age pension.

Low insurance sum

Meaning of insurance, or missing as it is called "sub-insurance" is the amount of insurance on which the insurance event occurred, a property worth. In this case the client only at the improvement of the relative damage, according to the ratio between the amount of insurance - as registered policy - and the value of property.

Agricultural Insurance

These include risks and insurance associated with different farming farmers, such as the Farm buildings, greenhouses tumors in the field. Forests cover insurance risks of fire, vegetation, animal insurance, insurance fracture mechanical equipment and against a third party and of the agricultural association to which he belongs. These can coverage through commercial insurance or self-insurance.

Children's Insurance

You can insure children through various insurance, life insurance such as life child, person must take care of the child's needs, life insurance or a guaranteed income of a person's child, or fund education. Children's insurance sector is also insurance as part of the National Insurance Institute, where every resident is entitled to get pension for each child you have not fill in his 18 years. Change allowance varies according to number of children to the Consumer Price Index. Insurance came into effect when the child fill in 18 years, at the age of 21 he made policyholder. You can purchase insurance to fund studies in higher education, to protect the child from diseases or accidents already now save to ensure the future of the child. Air & sea insurance

This branch of insurance, including aircraft, vessel, ships and insurance organizations of small ships, including liability towards third parties, insurance and insurance risks Cargo carrying foreign trade.

Moreover Insurance

Insurance in the amount of insurance exceeds the value of the property market happened on the case. In this case the client renovation by property value and not based on the amount of insurance. Insured can do the same over-insurance policy or by the insurance covering, in which some of the risks covered by more than one policyholder. Over-insurance refers to insurance of property only.

All risks insurance

Insurance covering all risks, not only risk is defined. Unlike standard policy, which specifies the types of risks which is the cap, the all risks policy specifies the exceptions that it does not cover. All risks insurance is acceptable contractors insurance, insurance of goods in the air transportation sea. Most popular is the all risks insurance contents residential apartments, gives wide coverage apartment valuables, like expensive jewelry, art objects. Although the name of the insurance, is subject to policy restrictions that are listed, such as wear and tear of the words of limitation in relation to the amount of insurance.

Buildings' Insurance

Buildings insurance is when policyholder pays a compensation in case of accident or damage to an unexpected structure, agreed in exchange for premium payment, based on the fee structure (without contents). If you are a business or apartment house shared, including insurance and property in common, according to the rate of it. Buildings Insurance Policy covers risks of fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, robbery, burglary, watches, and more.

Women's Insurance

Women constitute a significant part of the work pursuant to the economy. Positions are full and mothers, מטפלות, career women bear equal financial burden. Private health insurance refers to women's unique to their special needs, such as loss of work capacity during the period of the beginning of pregnancy until the end of the third month after birth, serious illnesses and unique, like the cancer demon. Existing policies to solve health worries health problems characteristic to women, and give a monthly compensation in the event of a lack of domestic capacity to function.

Car insurance

Insurance against loss or harm to vehicle, or a subject in which he was due to use of the vehicle, as well as harm the passengers in the car or drive a car himself. Insurance is the vehicle by type, private, commercial or leased, and the type of responsibility, for example: comprehensive insurance, third party insurance, insurance, etc.. According to Israeli law, all vehicles must have insurance that covers damages that may be the body of the passengers in the car. Comprehensive travel insurance ensures safe, whether caused damage to another vehicle. . Third party insurance coverage ensures that all harm the vehicle or other property during the use of the vehicle.

Property insurance

Insurance property / fire insurance also called general or elementary. Including insurance policies and programs, such as fire insurance, apartments, buildings, contents apartment, business, loss of earnings insurance, goods in transit insurance, agricultural insurance, engineering, professional liability insurance, health insurance, travel insurance abroad, insurance hidden (when required to compensate another person has caused damage).

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance applies to, among other things, car insurance and insurance mandatory Personal Accident. For example: an accident caused an unexpected physical by an external factor.

Proper Disclosure

Discovery establishes the principle that all insured restore full sincerity answers significant questions that appear on the associated policy forms, such as the proposal form. Questions relate to different domains, such as health status, age, profession, occupation hobby. It is important to specify precisely the nature of the profession and the level of risk, as electrician can work at the craft, but can also climb on the pages and work under high electrical tension high. The work of a teacher of literature is different than a teacher in terms of exposure risks. Even after signing a contract of insurance, must notify the company of any changes significantly at risk, during the period of the connection.

Management fees

By insurance companies and Cashiers, pension be paid once a month as a percentage amounts to a cumulative savings. According to the regulations for managing Cashiers mature, the maximum amount allowable management fee is about 2% per year (2:12 = 0.1667% per month). It is usually amount specified in regulations the maximum amount of coupé. any agreement or policy will be high management fees (in terms of percentage of a particular part of the year to 12). the amount of companies that compete in them. It is important to get a quote in writing component of this policy and make sure the amount specified is suggested. There distinguish between management fee Management fee (see definition below).


Amounts of insurance and property insurance and life changing way, at all, according to CPI, published by the Central Bureau of Statistics, or by another index, with the consent of both parties. Some of the policies attached property of the exchange rate in U.S. dollars. Pin is designed to try to maintain the real value of the funds, to be of the same purchasing power of different periods.

Preferred Insurance

Insurance proposal forms vary by branch of insurance, but there is a structure of the proposed general insurance joint for everyone. Write the details of the candidate you ובלועזית in order to prevent errors when running a computer on a printer Policy, and mention that written words can be sent to your mail. Sure on the number of ID card, memory, determines the age of the entry rates of life insurance noted the Insurance: Are other companies rejected the Insured person, Will refused to renew the insurance, how many times the Insured person past work and the nature of risk. Decided on the policy you need and the scope of coverage requested. Decided on how your payment and mention the number of payments to a year. Finally left to sign the proposed date of insurance.


A signation is usually the final step on the way to run a policy, which decides whether to accept the signed insurance proposal or reject, or alternatively to require certain protections and conditions as a condition for insurance. Underwriter receives the decision based on the information in the insurance proposal form, and based on the evaluation of the degree of likelihood micro issues in the areas listed in Policy Requested. Underwriter examines the nature of requested insurance proposal form. Him to decide, for example, regarding the likelihood of candidate diseases Insurance ill or badly hurt accident in accordance with the Practice. He signed every stage of insurance types, and fulfills the obligation as long as the disclosure policy in effect.

Pension saving

Track criticizer pension saving pension or insurance which the Executive receives saves came of age with a monthly retirement pension for all days of his life. Height allowance is determined based on the amount of saving and profits earned him, according to life expectancy and boards under the route selected by the Department of Save the allowance between the allowance and the allowance will be allowed saves.

Event insurance

Case the insurance event is random, unexpected and planned, causing a loss of value, decrease the value or lack of ability to use it more. Controls insurance case exposed damage or loss, which is for receiving monetary compensation for that property or the vicious attacks on the body, under the terms of Policy.

Tracks investment

Tracks where the management of investor companies Cashiers הגמל, pension funds and the fund plans to participate in earnings. There are plans for large road which can track investment pass one another track. Between tracks you can find such specialists products, mutual..


Sometimes known as "List", set conditions and specifically when Policy itself is a uniform contract. Appendix is an integral part of the contract of insurance and care to keep it in addition Policy. Do not settle for saving only Appendix.

Risk Management

You can buy insurance against almost any event you can conceive. It is important to know to distinguish between less significant risks, you can deal with them alone, successful, and the risk of a real, like car insurance, apartment insurance or Personal Accident Insurance. Think about your individual risks before purchasing policy, ודרגו them in the order of importance.


Insurance agent's job is intermediary between the insurance company and the customer. To locate the insurance needs of each client, to adjust his insurance coverage by economic, and represent their interests before the insurance company. Insurance Contract Law stipulates that the agent represents the insurance company during the negotiations to insurance. All information provided by the agent, as was the insurance company itself.

The principle reason for the upcoming

The principle reason for coming there in all sectors of insurance, relating to, "grayed out in the territories" of insurance coverage. Each policyholder circumscribed the responsibility, but the case may be happening due to some insurance reasons not all of them covered policyholder. Therefore, any event damage should check what is the reason for the direct and exclusive damage to happen. Insurer will pay compensation only if the insurance event occurred close to a party or in an instant covered policyholder.

Redemption value

Revenue is the amount policyholder is entitled to receive a life insurance policy when you cancel after a certain period of time which was in effect. Redemption amount is calculated by the number of years that have passed since signed the insurance, and is attached to any policy which exists redemption value.


Policy is a written document, which undertakes to worry about compensation in the event of losses or damages or caused to third parties. Policy contains details about the obligations of both parties rights, and the amount of premium policyholder needs to pay. When viewing policy, devoted more attention and you are required to fill, as payee information, property description, the period of insurance, special terms and date of issuance of the insurance policy.


Periodic payments provided to employees after the wage earner absolute employment, or after partial retirement, due to age or illness or disability. Periodic payments are monthly, but they can be half-yearly or yearly. The program is designed to ensure income during old age. Pension is determined as a percentage wage and is linked to changes in cost of living allowance. * A comprehensive pension: one of the two programs offered by pension fund. The first is the basic pension, old age pension to a ceiling of 70% wage determining who reaches the age of retirement until the day he died. Comprehensive pension plan is a new, includes two important rights: bars pension, disability & Pension paid employee made handicapped before retiring age